Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation Spark Project Award

The Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation (CABHI) has awarded $50,000 over 12 months to Dr. Thalia Field and the CANARY team. The Spark project is aimed at point of care staff who are “trying something different” to improve the lives of older adults, persons with dementia and their care partners. Funding from the Spark program can be used to develop and refine early stage solutions or to adapt and test a commercially available solution in a senior care environment. In total, up to $2.5 million is available across all projects.

This project is developing and testing a pragmatic, multimodal strategy for risk stratification of potential participants for clinical trials of disease-modifying strategies in dementia. Our machine-learning algorithm processes language and gaze data alongside clinical information to risk-stratify individuals.

Our painless, portable, and affordable strategy for risk stratification using AI will help people plan for the future, improve their memory health sooner, and will also accelerate and streamline trials of disease-modifying treatments for dementia.